1150 Rock Hawg



Rock Hawg is the most cost effective alternative to blasting, hammering, ripping and other traditional methods of rock excavation. It provides a usable product on site which therefore eliminates the need to import any material needed as fill. The problem of having to export material from site so that it can be crushed and processed is also removed.

Rock Hawg Principles

Rock Hawg implements Top Down cutting technology. This allows the teeth the gain greater rock penetration in comparison to the traditonal rock trenching principle. As soon as contact is made with the teeth, the rock is instantly cut. No longer is the tractive effort of the unit required. This means that greater horsepower is used in the actual rock cutting process. The Rock Hawg is therefore very efficient in this process and will be very effective in any rock excavation project.


Rock Hawg cuts the rock in place instead of fracturing it on a seam. This enables it to cut very accurately if needed aswell as having the capabilities to produce flat rock faces. The machine is less invasive than other excavation methods and means the job can be completed with less people, in less time, causing minimal impact to the surrounding environment.

Haul Road construction


The method in which Rock Hawg actually excavates the material provides many environmental advantages. It completely eliminates the need for any blasting so can therefore be incorporated in any areas where this has been prohibited. The smoothness of the cut provides a very low level of vibration meaning that rock can be excavated even if it is in close proximity to existing utilities supplies or buildings, roads etc. As mentioned before, material produced in many cases can be used as type 1. This reduces cost as less material is needed to be imported in but it also reduces the amount of transport needed to move it around

Rock plainings produced
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